The past few years have shown way to hundreds of thousands of people waking up to their intuitive gifts. As amazing as this process can be, it can also leave us in complete confusion, and for many wondering if they're loosing their mind. In this free interactive class, we will discuss a variety of topics to help you through this pivotal transition including the different types of intuitive gifts, understanding how to use them, and ways to raise your vibrational energy and keep it protected. Come to this safe space where you will meet with other intuitives, support one another through your journey, and gain the knowledge you need to build your skills. 

Classes will be held the Second Sunday of each month in partnership with the

San Marcos Area Paranormal Society (SMAPS).


106 Texas Ave. Suite B-2, San Marcos
4:00 pm Presentation
5:00 pm Round Table Discussion

Please RSVP to Mary by one of the Contact methods below.




Join us Monday evenings at Open Space in Wimberley for this six-week series where we will discover how to

feel good all the time with tips and techniques to heal the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Classes can be attended individually or purchase the entire series for a pre-registration discount.


The next series will begin around the first of the year.




Each week we will explore a new topic presented by Lea West of Lets Eat Wellness.

Week 1 ~ Mindset

Week 2 ~ Whole Foods & Food Intelligence

Week 3 ~ Rest

Week 4 ~ Movement

Week 5 ~ Macros - Building Blocks of the Body

Week 6 ~ Micros -  The Importance of Vitamins and Minerals



After the Nutritional Guidance presentation, Mary Lancaster of Restful Waters will guide us into a meditative state in order to integrate the information.



Melissa Kleen of Raven Moon Healing Arts will round out each workshop with healing sound therapy to facilitate a deeper level of relaxation to heal and strengthen the spirit.
























The next session is TBD

A group awakening immersion into the heart of who you are. Ignite the fire inside yourself and realize your potential. Discover how to live the best life possible, because you deserve to. Our leader, Mary Lancaster, will take us on a journey to discover our inner power and teach you how to use it. This retreat will be the kick off to an online workshop series (more to come about this later) where we will lay out the plans for you to design the life of your dreams.

With these teachings, you will be empowered to:
* Expand your heart and mind to open the door of possibility you never knew existed
* Stop playing small
* Become aligned with your true purpose
* Overcome fear & release insecurity

We will gather at the beautiful Flite Acres Ranch in Wimberley, Texas. With its new vineyard, playful horses, and Elder Tree (a massive oak that lives in the center of the property), this picturesque land is the perfect backdrop for a transformational retreat.

The day will begin with a guided meditation to get us centered in order to connect to our inner power. Activities will flow throughout the day between the events barn and the oak grove. Workshop topics will include:

Self Love: It all starts within.
Gratitude: Through gratitude, we become Grace personified.
Forgiveness & Letting Go: Drop the baggage.
Realizing Your Greatness: Who do you think you are?

As well as journaling exercises and motivational speakers. Coffee, tea, snacks and lunch will be included.

At the end of the day we will gather for a Gratitude Hour where we can unwind and bask in the glow of our new perspective. Wine & beer will be provided, and a special station will be set up for you to create your own flower mandala to take home as a memento of this life-changing day.                                                                                


Be Brave, Be Bold, Be You



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