When we think about being self empowered we should consider that the Self, or Emotional Body, needs to be healed first in order to achieve this state of awareness. The Emotional Body is the truth of who you are at a feeling level. This part of you contains the imprints of the emotional aspect of your memories as well as your current emotional state. Through intuitive guidance, Mary will help you to unlock the door of possibility to overcome any emotional blocks and attain a higher state of self awareness. 

With this work we can:

*Heal the trauma of old emotional wounds

*Alleviate physical symptoms manifested by those emotional wounds

*Release fear and overcome anxiety

*Find a new perspective and meaning for your life


If creating a more empowered lifestyle sounds like something you're interested in but have questions or want to know more about how it can help you, a free Discovery Call is available. We will discuss in more detail if this is the right modality for you and how we can create a customized treatment plan. These calls can be scheduled outside of regular office hours, so please call or email to schedule a time that works best for you.

30 minute phone call ~ No Charge


These sessions are designed to break down barriers and create massive shifts within our consciousness in order to free ourselves from old stories & patterns and emotional traumas that hold us back. We begin with an analysis of the emotional body so we can identify and bring to the conscious mind anything that has become a block to your original intent. Once these emotions are brought to the surface, you are more able to deal with and release them with the help of an energetic healing process Mary has created using multiple forms of intuitive modalities. This process creates space for positive changes in your life and a sense of self empowerment so that true healing can begin.

On-Site or Video Conference Call ~ $150


Each Self Empowerment session presents a new layer to unravel in the human psyche. We are such multi-faceted beings, with such complex thought systems, that sometimes just one session is not enough to dig deep enough to create a fully empowered life. In this six week series we will take a deep dive into your inner self and re-discover who you were truly meant to be. This experience can bring complete clarity and revelation by: 

*Discovering hidden truths of why you experience life the way you do

*Abolishing old patterns and habits that do not serve you

*Shifting your thought process and help you re-write your story

The possibilities are endless when you expand your mind and believe in yourself.


*Five One-on-one Self Discovery sessions

*Weekly "homework" to keep you on track

*An energetic grid to hold space and support your intentions

*Unlimited email support

*Payment plans available on an as needed basis

On-Site or Video Conference Call ~ $600


Let go of your emotional and physical pain and feel into the power of this energetic healing modality as Reiki combines with the healing power of sound therapy and intuitive guidance. This modality can provide additional support for healing our emotional wounds and physical ailments. 

On-Site or Video Conference Call ~ $80


The four directions of the Medicine Wheel, South, West, North and East, all contain their own meaning and magic. This reading can bring clarity to questions you have about current situations you're faced with, but not sure what direction to take.

One card will be pulled for each direction; South - what you need to let go of. West - an old story that no longer serves you. North - what wisdom you need to acquire. And East - your possible destiny and how you share your gifts with others. 

On-Site or Video Conference Call ~ $60


Bring renewed life to your home, property or place of work. An energetic grid is created using anchoring stones. Then a blessing will be encoded into the grid and sealed with smudging.  This ceremony is highly recommended when moving/selling, to protect and attract abundance in your business, or to rid any residual energy left by the previous occupants.  Please contact me directly to create a ceremony specific to your needs. 




I've teamed up with the ladies of Wise Skies Advice to offer this helpful and unique subscription. Use the discount code "stillwaters$5" for a five dollar discount. 

If you could open your  on your phone or digital device and have it tell you exactly what to schedule and when to do it… would you check it out? If so – we want to help you make the most of your day by getting in sync with the cosmos with our new and improved Astrology Digital Calendar.

– WiseSkies Astrology Digital Calendar files come in a universal ICS format.
– Compatible with Google Calendar, iOS Calendar, or Outlook.
– View on any device.
– Works in any time zone– and even switches with you as you travel.

What’s new in 2020?
– Descriptions + Emojis: to help you easily identify optimal vs less optimal periods and their significance
– Planetary Events: Basic planetary aspects, retrogrades + stations, ingresses
– Lunar Events: New and Full Moons, Eclipses, 1st and 3rd Quarter Moons, Lunar Ingresses and VOC
– Numerology: Get an extra layer of wisdom with the monthly numerology codes + power days.
– Crystal Suggestions: Two crystal options are offered during each Lunar ingress to offer corresponding support and enhance your energies.

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