Time is a phenomenon that people have struggled with throughout the ages. There are those who believe that time is like a river. It only flows in one direction and anyone in that river can only occupy a particular area of water once. Which means you cannot travel in time. Then there are those who believe the river of time concept is an illusion, that time is a blocked structure where there is no distinct direction of flow. This perception is that every event that has happened or will happen, is in a block already defined and they all already exist. There is no past or future as everything is just … there. What if it's something far more confusing and diabolical? If it was a river, and you turned around and looked behind you, what would you see? Millions of you in the past? Could not each of them turn around and see his past? Perhaps talk to, somehow, the you in the past? And who owns tomorrow? Present you or past you? How bad would things have to be for you to believe you needed to contact yourself in the past and try to convince past you not to do something you had already done?

Who Owns Tomorrow?