We live in a hectic world full of distractions and stress. In times like these, we need simple tools like malas to bring us back to the present moment, back to our breath, back to our intentions...back to ourselves.


Malas are special strings of beads used for meditation and healing. Some are larger (108 beads) and some are smaller (54 beads). They can be made of wood, precious stones, or crystals. No matter the size or material, malas are powerful tools infused with wisdom and metaphysical properties that have been used for centuries and are still helping people in modern times.


The Magic of Malas teaches you how to select and use a special mala to support your intentions. You'll also learn the sacred symbolism of malas along with meditations and mantras that pair well with the energetic properties of the various mala beads. Like a mala, this book is another useful companion on your journey to healing and peace.

The Magic of Malas