SETI, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, has been looking for ET since the mid 50s. If we find alien life, what makes us think it will be friendly? If galactic civilizations evolve anything at all like our planetary species has evolved, we may be in for some deadly surprises.
This series of books follows mankind as they expand their reach out to the stars.
Jack, Max and Sandy have worked on several projects together, but nothing quite like this. Jack found a symbol etched onto a piece of lava rock that none of them can make sense of. The symbol and what they discover about it takes them on a journey that ultimately leads to another galaxy. Follow them as they try to unravel a mystery on which the fate of mankind might rest.
Set in the late 22nd century of Earth, these books set the stage for our species’ exploration and settlement of our galaxy and the perils we find along the way.

Pushed To The Stars - The First Series