This book moved me. I had to walk away from it several times.

Nathan Brown boils life down to its roux with letters that follow a friend up to the gateway of eternity, that "last dark ocean," with acute clearity and vision.

This is a story woven from the threads of chaos and fear, the pain of leaving behind those we love, and ultimately the power of life - the impact one human being has on the rest of the world. It's the glory of our gathering - of sunrise and coffee, ravioli and margaritas, whisky and contemplation in the wee hours of the morning - the reduction of this world into its basic ingredients - the food, the drink, the comrades.

Here, the epiphany of life is found right before its passing... at the glorious feast set upon the tabel... in the beauty of a soul's last supper.

Karla K Morton

2010 Texas Poet Laureat

Letters to the One-Armed Poet