Quantum physics explain that everything in our world is made of subatomic vibrations. From thoughts to crystals to food to buildings, our entire world consists of frequencies of energy. In order to tune in to the energetic channels of wish fulfillment, we can design ceremonies.

Ceremonies are an act of intention that send a signal to the Universe. They bridge the human and spiritual worlds, and shorten the distance between the wish and the wisher. In essence, a ceremony turns an ordinary moment into a sacred one. So what should you include in a ceremony?


In this book we offer templates to help you align with the energy behind what you want. We coordinate ceremonies with the elements [Fire, Earth, Water, Air], numerology codes, and the special energy of the New and Full Moons. Think big, breathe deep, and get ready for a whole new experience by optimizing your personal ceremonies.


The Abundance Code Series focuses on ways to understand and change your world for creating more abundance in every area of your life--health, vitality, emotional well-being, purpose, money, and relationships. Once you identify what you want more of in your life . . . there's a ceremony for that.

Book of Ceremonies