An Honest Day’s Confession is the third in a trilogy of books that Nathan promised, and is dedicating to, his daughter Sierra. An Honest Day’s Prayer was the first, and An Honest Day’s Ode, the second. The series is intended to be an encouragement to her while still being honest about the state of the world in these times of political unrest, cultural uncertainty, and the government’s denial about the health of the planet.

An Honest Day’s Confession rounds out the series by, possibly, being a little more honest with his daughter about life and culture, while still striving to remain positive and hopeful. All three books laid down the rule of “no blue language.” A condition that does not come naturally to Brown.

From the Seven Deadly Sins to an in depth look at the lives and nature of many of the Patron Saints, as well as Saint Augustine, this book covers a dangerous but necessary territory. Yet it also does it with Nathan Brown’s unique vision and often searing angle on the world that Naomi Shihab Nye once referred to as “a tilted long-ranging eye that sees the next bend in the road, even when he’s standing right here, firmly planted.”

An Honest Day's Confession