The Mental Hamster Wheel

Many times, the setbacks we experience are energetic pitfalls we create when we are out of integrity with our true expression.

Fear and perceived lack of control can generate enough power to fuel a never ending cycle of pain and suffering if we don’t rein it in. Our need to control puts us on a proverbial hamster wheel and keeps us from moving forward, expending all of our energy just trying to keep up with the drama we’ve created. It's when we release the control and step out of the wheel that things will begin to come into alignment more naturally.

Most of my life I had a vision of what I wanted my existence to look like. And for years I believed that the only way to get what I wanted was to control everything and everyone around me. But what I didn’t realize was that I was instead creating unfavorable outcomes. I had a concept of what the perfect job or relationship should look like and when those circumstances weren’t going according to my plan I would manipulate the situation to fulfill my needs. But my needs were never truly fulfilled. It was only a short time before I would begin to resent the circumstances and blame it on the job or my significant other.

Realizing that I was doing things backwards was a long, drawn out process because I feared that if I gave up control I would have nothing. But the reality is when we finally have enough of the wheel and give it up we can attain everything more easily.

The quickest way to having it all is to let go of expectations. Release the idea that if you have a certain job, a certain home, a certain relationship then you will be happy. Things may not look like what we originally intended but that doesn’t mean that your new reality won’t also be amazing. Freeing yourself from expectations opens you up to accepting all possibilities and being able to receive a beautiful gift from the Universe; exactly what you need.

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