When did we forget that we live in a world infused with magic? What caused us to fall off of our rainbow unicorns and bump our heads on the concrete jungle of adulting?

I’ll admit it, sometimes I still watch Scooby Doo with a bowl of cereal in my lap. There’s something nostalgic in reliving the magic of childhood, but this ceremony (if you will) is more than just losing myself for a moment in 1984. It's a way to reconnect to that little girl that thought anything was possible and carry that feeling with me for the rest of the day.

The possibilities of the reality we create are only limited by our own imagination. No, really.

In December 2019 I had the idea of opening a bookstore to showcase all of my author & publisher friends. I had no retail experience, no physical location, and most of all no capital. But what I did have was a vision and determination to make it happen. And just three short months later, there were shelves full of books and we celebrated opening day. What this experience taught me was that if I just believe as I did as a child, without limiting myself, dreams can quickly become a reality.

Obviously not everyone one reading this has plans to start their own business, but we all have areas in our life that could use a little more magic. Maybe its in our personal relationships, our desire to have a stronger connection with our children, or our entire outlook on life. Try these daily practices to induce a more magic infused life:


There is a charm on the bracelet I wear every day that says “Believe.” Something we should all be doing daily, but unfortunately social programing has led us to not believe. We tend to turn our thoughts to the impossibilities rather than the possibilities and think of everything that could go wrong instead of looking at everything that’s already going right in our lives.

One of my favorite quotes from author Carolyn Myss says “What if you choose to stop believing that (negative self talk)? How would your life change?” What if: We chose to believe in ourselves? We trusted in the possibility of success? We dismissed the idea of failure? We could see through the eyes of our younger self and believed?

Expand Your Awareness of Possibilities

Last December, if I had considered the amount of money in my bank account a factor in opening a bookstore it wouldn’t have happened. Instead, I chose to believe that there were other options to capital funding. And I was able to find those options without incurring any debt. Financial or karmic. ;)

Coming up with out of the box ideas, whether through concrete research or a limitless imagination, and opening yourself up to the idea that ‘where there's a will there's a way’ can have a significant impact on many areas of your life. For example; ask a friend or a colleague to brainstorm with you, utilize your favorite search engine, or remove the word limitations from your vocabulary long enough to create a list of ideas. One exercise I like to guide my clients through is to journal about possible outcomes, excluding any limitations. Before you know it, you may have the perfect solution to whatever dilemma you may be facing.

Have More Gratitude

One of the single greatest things you can do to change your life today is to start being grateful for what you have right now. Gratitude can be practiced no matter what is going on in life, and everyone has something to be grateful for. By concentrating on what’s good and giving it your energy, you attract abundance. But if you focus on what’s lacking: money, time, resources, you will never have enough.

Gratitude can create more magic by opening the door to abundance consciousness. It gets you to the source of all the things you have been given in life, quiets your ego and gets you in touch with your spirit.

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