There are several acronyms for FEAR, including Forget Everything And Run, Face Everything And Rise, Finding Excuses And Reasons, and my personal favorite False Evidence Appearing Real.

2020 has certainly been a year of many things, but the underlying emotion that seems to define this year is Fear. That sneaky little voice in the back of our head that starts with a whisper, “Did you hear what they said on the news?” can quickly turn into a full on panic if we do not have the awareness to keep our thoughts straight and rational. Case in point - The great toilet paper shortage of 2020.

Did you know that, as all emotions do, fear has its own frequency and vibration? The vibration of fear strips us of our personal power and makes us feel helpless. In the words of Master Yoda, “Fear leads to Anger. Anger leads to Hate. Hate leads to Suffering.” In times of crisis fear can divide us and fuel our distrust of each other. And because it vibrates at the same frequency as disease, we can become more susceptible to illness if we succumb to this emotion.

A little fear, however, is healthy. It keeps us in check and lets us know when there is true danger. But if we don’t keep the fear in check it can overcome us and manifest as anxiety, paranoia, depression and anger. So how do we deflect fear and keep it from taking over?

Bring Awareness To What Is Healthy vs. Unhealthy Fear

Stop and ask yourself: Is this scenario real, or did I create it? Humans are great storytellers and we tend to make things up when there is an unexplained factor. We fabricate the unknown and become so entangled in our version of the story that we don’t stop long enough to consider whether or not this is the truth. This creates unhealthy fear. Deciphering the truth can help keep the unhealthy fear in check, allowing us to see with more clarity if we are in real, or perceived, danger.

Educate Yourself

There is so much deception lurking around the entrails of the web, just waiting to pull you under and drown you in the sludge of false information being spewed from unreliable sources. Another great lesson of 2020 is do your homework and fact check your sources. But in addition to that, take a look at other perspectives and create a point of view that encompasses all facets. Come from a place of love and rise above the muck that fear has created.

Let Your Heart Have A Voice

Our ego is so quick to take over when we are in a state of fear. Ego thrives on fear and can create a perpetual cycle of disparity if we don’t allow the heart to have a say. By centering our energy in our heart, we are much more likely to come from a place of love. Love is at the opposite end of the frequency spectrum from fear. Therefore, this emotion can raise our vibration, keep us healthy, and create a much more desirable atmosphere.

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