Divine Guidance: Vulnerability

While promoting my inaugural retreat, Ignite the Fire, I spoke to so many people who were genuinely interested and excited for the experience. But for one reason or another many found it difficult to pull the trigger and sign up to attend. I had done so much to make this a meaningful and life changing experience where everyone could feel safe and supported through the process, but something was still holding them back. So I sat in meditation to ask Spirit what that was. The answer?


Each of us are susceptible to vulnerability, and we all wear masks to hide it. One mask for work, one for our significant other, one for our friends, and even one in front of the mirror. We are entering a time where we are being asked to remove the masks. Discover who we really are, and fall madly in love with that person.

But how can we do this?

Divine Guidance says being open to yourself is key. Don't shy away from the mirror. Look into it with loving adoration. Blow away the smoke, the lies you tell yourself.

If you believe in yourself, you will start to believe it. Create a new pattern. Put the old one of self deprecation and lies to rest. What has that done for you so far? Create a pattern of love, even if you don't believe it at first. We did not believe, as children, when someone said to us "You are stupid." or "You are not enough." But over time we repeated the pattern of telling ourselves these disrespectful things and so we began to believe them. By changing the words we say to the mirror, we can change our perspective.

"Life is all about changing perspective. You shift it until you find one that makes you happy."

-Ashley Brown

We are being called to create a new reality, a place where vulnerability is acceptable and not shunned. A reality where you are safe and free of judgement because we are all awake and aware that we must go through this process to become more courageous. A reality where we hold space in kindness and embrace everyone with open arms.

Remove the mask. Free yourself.

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