Mary Louise
Ordained Shamanic Minister
Spiritual Counselor

Reiki Master


Welcome to the world of Shamanic Healing. I have been in training for this my entire life, and now that I have arrived I am so ecstatic to share this healing wisdom with you!


Even at a young age, I knew that I was destined to help others. In High School I received a Nurse’s Aide certification and used that to work my way through college. After receiving a Bachelors of Business Administration, I went to work in healthcare administration where patient care was top priority.

Realizing that a desk job that did not include hands-on interaction with others was not filling my soul, I began to search out other ways to help people and went back to school for massage therapy. In 2012, after an eye opening session with a gifted Reiki Master, my vision shifted and it

was clear that I needed to be doing something more. Within a few months of that session I quit my full time corporate job and opened a massage practice.

In order to expand my practice, I continued my education through other methods of healing. I received a Reiki Master certification, was trained how to read Akashic Records, and attended workshops on Shamanic traditions of the Lakota lineage. In 2020 I attended the Shamanic Breathwork Initiation Process with The Venus Rising Association for Transformation and became an ordained Shamanic Minister. With these new skills my work has shifted from soothing the physical body to also looking at the emotional body, and helping others heal from the inside out.