There are many facets of the human experience one must consider when seeking profound and complete healing. By using Shamanic practices and intuitive abilities, Mary is able to tap into all of these aspects and offer complete healing for the mind (mental aspect), body (physical aspect), and spirit (emotional aspect). Mary has been given insight to a healing modality that allows us to open doorways into higher states of awareness, where we can be introduced to our highest potential and begin living a more fulfilled life by healing old emotional wounds, breaking free of limiting beliefs and thought processes, and gaining insight to a deeper level of innate wisdom.

Mary Singing Wind


Ordained Shamanic Minister


Spiritual Counselor

Reiki Master

Restful Waters was started in 2012 with a mission to help others heal their physical body with massage. Over the years a pattern began to emerge and Mary realized that people were coming back time and time again with the same ailments and complaints. She started to research what more could be done to facilitate the healing process. What she found was that our bodies have an energetic map and every aspect is associated with a specific emotion. For example, many people were coming in with neck and shoulder issues. The neck & throat are where thoughts and emotions come together, and stiffness can occur due to withheld statements. If you're having neck pain, ask yourself, "Am I having communication issues? Have I swallowed my anger and hurt? Am I expressing my feelings? Am I telling the truth?"

In 2016, Mary received her Reiki Master certification, was trained how to read Akashic Records, and attended workshops on Shamanic traditions of the Lakota lineage. She then attended the Shamanic Breathwork initiation process with The Venus Rising Association for Transformation in 2020 and became an ordained Shamanic Minister. With these new skills her work has shifted from only soothing the physical body to also looking at the emotional body, and helping others heal from the inside out. The more she has worked with the emotional body, the more she realized the great need we all have for healing on all levels.


Pebble Beach

"Working with Mary—no matter what I’m seeking help, guidance, or healing with—has been life changing and eye opening. She’s so genuine and low-key in her communication, and that makes it even easier to receive the messages she shares from the universe. I’ve felt the benefits of seeing her regularly for reiki, and/or more in-depth sessions, in my body, mind, and spirit. Her guidance is soothing and reassuring, and I appreciate that while she may have a unique gift and ability to tune in, she’s just as interested in fostering my own connection to intuition and my higher self."    -A.B.

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