Mary uses shamanic healing and mediumship abilities to find and open doorways into higher states of awareness, where we can be introduced to our highest potential and begin living a more fulfilled life. She works with others to help them heal old emotional wounds, break free of limiting beliefs and thought processes, and gain insight to a deeper level of innate wisdom. Much like the Incan Cross (or Chakana) in the Restful Waters logo, there are many facets and angles one must consider when seeking profound and complete healing. Mary uses intuitive insight to tap into all of the aspects of our human experience and offers complete healing for the mind (mental aspect), body (physical aspect), and spirit (emotional aspect). 

Mary Louise


Spiritual Adviser

Shamanic Healer

Reiki Master

Restful Waters was started in 2012 with a mission to help others heal their physical body with massage. Over the years a pattern began to emerge and Mary realized that people were coming back time and time again with the same ailments and complaints. She started to research what more could be done to facilitate the healing process. What she found was that our bodies have an energetic map and every aspect is associated with a specific emotion. For example, many people were coming in with neck and shoulder issues. The neck & throat are where thoughts and emotions come together, and stiffness can occur due to withheld statements. If you're having neck pain, ask yourself, "Am I having communication issues? Have I swallowed my anger and hurt? Am I expressing my feelings? Am I telling the truth?"

In 2016, Mary received her Reiki Master certification, was trained how to read Akashic Records, and attended workshops on Shamanic traditions of the Lakota lineage. With these new skills, her work began to shift from just soothing the physical body to also looking at the emotional body, and helping others heal from the inside out. The more she worked with the emotional body, the more she realized the great need we all have for healing on all levels. In the Fall of 2019 it was decided that massage would no longer be offered in order to focus on emotional healing and empowered living through one-on-one sessions, retreats, and workshops.


"Working with Mary—no matter what I’m seeking help, guidance, or healing with—has been life changing and eye opening. She’s so genuine and low-key in her communication, and that makes it even easier to receive the messages she shares from the universe. I’ve felt the benefits of seeing her regularly for reiki, and/or more in-depth sessions, in my body, mind, and spirit. Her guidance is soothing and reassuring, and I appreciate that while she may have a unique gift and ability to tune in, she’s just as interested in fostering my own connection to intuition and my higher self."    -A.B.

"This was literally life-changing! I booked the body/spirit alignment and, let me tell you, it helped me start working to resolve years' worth of emotional and physical trouble. I reached a sense of peace I never thought humanly possible-- even a friend noticed afterwards that I have never seemed so calm. Mary has an amazing touch, and her energy and aura is so calm, warm, reassuring, and inviting. She reminds me of a placid, tranquil lake spirit. She even had interpretations and messages to give me after the Reiki work, and I found them to be moving, powerful sentiments that really applied to me. I'm a skeptic, but I think Mary is really able to look at soul energy in a useful way. The space, the music, even the particular oils and things she used all contributed to the amazing experience. I will definitely be going back and am thinking of getting a couple gift cards for relatives. :)" -K.F.


"I’ve known Mary for a couple of years now and through her unique gift has guided me through a couple of life's little issues, so when I was having trouble selling our home Mary was the first person that came to mind. Our house had been on the market for some time, and while we had quite a few viewings there were no offers being made. I felt like the energy in the house needed to be shifted and gave Mary a call.

She tapped right into our homes energy and that very day we ended up having two additional showings. The next day she came to our home and cleared out the stagnant energy and anxiety that comes along with having a house on the market, and brought in some positive vibes plus a breath of fresh air. On leaving, the atmosphere in our home was bright and light with a positive feeling in the air. The day after her visit we had an offer on the table which we’ve happily accepted.

Mary radiates love, peace and tranquility and it shines out of her face like sunbeams. She did an outstanding job shifting the energy in our home and it has proved to be a very successful outcome." -S.L.

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